How We Roll

Core Mission

Everything we do is about generating awareness. If it does not increase awareness, or reduce embarrassment, we will not do it.


  • We believe that our spending focuses entirely on enriching our core mission.
  • we believe in transparency: charities must be open about how and on what they spend charity donations.
  • We know just how hard fundraising is so we are careful about how we spend it.
  • We are world champions at making your donation stretch: we are one of the best charities in the world at blaggin and begging for resources, delivering huge projects on a shoestring budget – always!

Collaborations, Challenges and Events

  • We don’t believe charity donations should pay for your adventure. Supporters looking to fundraise for our charity must cover all their own event costs first. Once you cover your costs you can raise funds on our behalf and we will support you 100%.
  • We don’t pay celebrities and never have, it sets a bad precedent. All our charity Ambassadors give their time and resources for free as their donation to the charity.
  • We don’t spend charity donations on big marketing budgets or expend vast resources on big fundraising budgets.
  • While we understand you have to invest to grow, paying companies for adverts and marketing just doesn’t sit well with us. We limit the amount we spend to 5% of donated income to these areas.
  • We don’t pay agencies, we don’t pay event companies and we don’t even pay fundraisers.
  • We run all our own events: our track record demonstrates that our ability to inspire is greater because of this.

Our Policies

  • We don’t accept funds from the Tobacco industry (smoking causes cancer).
  • We don’t accept funds from Arms or Military manufactures (guns kill people).
  • We don’t accept funds from the BNP or anyone who actively discriminates against others.
  • We will support British manufacturers wherever possible.
  • We only work with charities who inspire us.