Our Charity

Who we are

We are the boldest, most daring and most innovative charity in the world. Yes, these are huge claims – but everything we do, and are planning to do, cements this! We are a small, proud charity. We are hard working, hard hitting, ambitious and effective!

Our job is simple: to raise awareness and reduce embarrassment of male cancer.

Men are often too embarrassed to seek medical advice on potential early warning signs. Yet early detection and early treatment is vital to surviving male cancer. We believe awareness and education are the two most important punches that can be thrown in the ght on male cancer.

Our bold and innovative campaigns grab men’s attention and drive home the message of early diagnosis. Our campaigns save lives.

Charity Ambassador Professor Greg Whyte OBE: “I’ve been an ambassador for Male Cancer Awareness Charity (MCAC) for a number of years. The work MCAC does in raising awareness and reducing the embarrassment and stigma of male cancer is amazing. Using truly innovative ways of highlighting the issues for men including the use of some incredible mascots has saved lives. Please help MCAC and reduce unnecessary deaths from cancer.”

We Stand out from the Crowd

Mr Testicles is our beloved charity mascot – our original charity champion since 2005. He recently celebrated his 10th birthday, which in testicle years is a lot! Through various events he has catalysed critical awareness amongst millions of men, and inspired thousands of people to support our charity.

Raising awareness we can do standing on our heads; whereas reducing embarrassment is much tougher to achieve. We feel that embarrassment is a huge factor in why many men do not seek medical advice sooner. This emotion is literally killing men. Mr Testicles can change the way people approach this conversation. One event at a time.

If you would like to support or help organise an event where you live, we have the perfect solution: the ‘Mr Testicles Strut’. Picture the scene in your town or city – a sea of 100 giant testicles walking for 10 miles, raising awareness and educating men and their partners. The streets of both London and Belfast have been witness to this spectacular! With our help you can do this in your community too!

“With no funds put into marketing or promotion, our testicular cancer awareness film has had over 8 million views! That is 8 million people who now know how to check for lumps. This film has literally saved lives. “