“Help us raise awareness of male cancers to thousands of men and their partners. Male cancer is curable if caught and treated in the very early stages. ”

World’s Biggest Awareness Tool

Since Icarus flew too close to the sun, man has pushed limits to reach new heights. Innovation leads the way. In the fight against male cancer we need to adopt this approach by going beyond boundaries. SKYBALLS will be the world’s biggest awareness tool for male cancer. 100ft Giant Testicles Hot air Balloon designed to raise awareness and reduce embarrassment of male cancer and help educate millions of men and their partners on the disease.

Imagine a giant pair of SKYBALLS flying over your house, your sports club, town or city! Now imagine the chatter, the buzz and the social media likes when you post a picture of a floating pair of balloon-sized balls! This is what awareness looks like.

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– SKYBALLS launch latest Campaign trailer 14th March 2018 with Chris O’Dowd our amazing Charity ambassador-

SKYBALLS will generate millions of free media coverage which means that more men and their partners will get to hear about this incredible project and what is stands for. Help us get SKYBALLS off the ground. Help us put this message in front of millions. Be part of aviation history, and a step closer to ensuring that fewer men die from cancer.

Upcoming SKYBALLS events:

March 2018 – more details to follow.

Contact our charity founder if you think you can support.

How you can support SKYBALLS:

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